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I became a personal trainer because I didn't see myself in the fitness industry. I'm not a competitive athlete; I'm a person that wants to enjoy the activities I like for a long time. I started weightlifting in 2016 and have been cycling for over a decade. Using the principles of body neutrality, my training style encompasses strength and mobility training that reflects your interests, goals, and quality of life.

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Barbell Rehab

Independent Programming

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In-Person Training

6-week training plan 3 days strength + conditioning / 1 day mobility. Minimum 2 in-person sessions required. Ideal for people who like to work out independently.

Certified to safely reintegrate strength and conditioning post rehab.

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Virtual Training

Body Neutrality

From your home. No equipment necessary.

The practice of being present with your body's needs, desires and functionality. No weigh-ins or diet talk; just movement.



Free, 20-min phone call at your convenience.


Having AGM integrated into my weekly routine has given me much more than I initially planned for: increased body awareness and comfortability in my skin, renewed feelings of strength and vitality as well as a feeling of getting younger and doing physical things that continue to surprise me. I cannot thank Francesca enough for how she has helped to transform my relationship to my body. They have the range for any body goal you may have or not even know you have yet.


In-person client since 2021

I loved working with Francesca. Like a good friend, Francesca always had my back! They planned the exercise routine deliberately to be beneficial for my running goals. Moreover, they made working out fun! Francesca is a kind, smart, empathetic, and dedicated personal trainer. They are the best I could ever hope for!

Hia T.

Virtual Training Client


Body Neutrality

Body Neutrality is the practice of accepting and respecting the body for the functionality and utility it provides. This is a philosophy best described by Ayla Freitas Ghibaudy in her book Body Neutrality.

This practice does not diminish or ignore discontent with our bodies, but encourages us to have empathy, respect, and awareness when talking about or treating our bodies.

This manifests in training by centering our work around your movement functionality and quality of life throughout the lifespan.

Weight Neutral

Weight neutrality signifies disuse of measuring weight as barometer of health or judging physical capability from appearance. Every body can move, be strong and mobile.

There is no conclusive evidence on how to safely lose weight and “keep weight off” for a lifespan. I focus on health barometers such as pain management, sleep, stress management, and access to movement.

In regards to healthful eating - and this is just a start - I recommend reading about mindful eating, which focuses more on how you eat vs. what NOT to eat.


Tiered Payment Options

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Payment options

Tiered payment allows more options for training so that individuals of all classes can participate in training. We believe that movement is medicine. Exercise greatly impacts our quality of life.

You can participate in equity and inclusion by paying at the top of your income bracket. This model helps afford me to offer accessible pricing for everyone.

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You have significant income, savings, access to generational wealth, or identify as someone who doesn't struggle to have basic needs met.


You may have access to a full salary or benefits, or have a comfortable financial standing.


You live paycheck to paycheck and do not have access to wealth

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